More and More Lazy Youth Save the Home Appliance Market?

How much DIY fun does the noodle machine and bread machine bring? What is the difference between a breakfast machine that can make sandwiches and an electric baking pan? How practical is a heated lunch box for white-collar workers? More and more refined, as consumer goods that show individuality, they must not only be “easy to use”, but also look good. “Smart kitchen appliances” ignited the enthusiasm of young people to cook and made them “fall in love with the kitchen”.

Data shows that the consumption of small kitchen appliances is gradually becoming younger. The epidemic in 2022 has made it difficult for people to eat out, but it has also ignited the enthusiasm of young people for cooking. More than 60% of young people have started to cook their own meals or bring meals from home.

With the development of the times, it is no longer necessary to do it yourself to enjoy delicious food. Many take-out platforms can deliver “the world’s delicious food” to us, so that we can realize “the meal comes to our mouths”. In recent years, due to changes in user consumption habits, continuous improvement and rapid development of food delivery systems, China’s online food delivery market has developed rapidly. According to relevant data, from 2016 to 2019, the scale of China’s online catering takeaway market maintained an average annual growth rate of 50.3%. These data all support the fact that there are fewer and fewer “young people cooking”. Therefore, the media once reported that “a couple only cooked a meal for 7 years” caused a heated discussion.

Cooking is not only a life skill, but also a manifestation of falling in love with life. Therefore, to make young people fall in love with the kitchen, we can start with smart kitchen appliances, and use “lazy kitchen appliances” and “high-value kitchen appliances” to attract young people. However, in the end, there should be more do-it-yourself beauty. Nowadays, many schools offer cooking courses to guide children to “fall in love with the kitchen” from primary and secondary schools. Some universities also have catering courses, educating young people to cook properly, which is all that needs to be done.

Post time: May-08-2022