Air Fryer Vs Oven, which is the Best Choice?

For people who are busy in daily life, food is definitely a good hand to comfort the soul. Dragging a tired body back home and eating delicious meals can also make people instantly rejuvenated. Among all kinds of dishes, roasted and fried are the most popular among young people. In the past, more people would choose to buy this kind of food outside, because the time cost of baking and frying is too high, some require professional props, and the production process is more troublesome. However, with the rise of the home economy and the explosion of short videos, people who have watched many tutorials said that it does not seem to be very difficult to make at home, as long as there is an oven or an air fryer. But these two functions seem to be duplicated. How to choose?

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1. Capacity :Air Fryer < Oven

At present, the air fryers on the market are mainly about 3L~6L, at most one whole chicken can be put down at a time, and there is only one layer, which cannot be stacked. The smallest one may only be able to put down one sweet potato or four egg tarts. If it is eaten by one person, then the air fryer can basically satisfy. And because of its small capacity, it is generally lighter in volume, similar to a rice cooker. The place can be changed at any time, the bedroom and the kitchen can be used.

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At present, the smallest household oven on the market is 15L. If you are a more professional baker, you will generally choose a product of 25L~40L. Moreover, the oven is generally divided into upper and lower layers, so there will be more food that can be made at one time, and a large capacity can make food for the whole family at one time. Of course, the capacity is naturally large, and it can only be placed in the kitchen, which occupies a lot of space and is not good. If the kitchen space is relatively small, it is necessary to plan the location of each appliance.

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2. Professional: Air Fryer < Oven

Speaking of production, let’s first take a look at how the two work. Although both are used for roasting and frying, air fryers are heated by a heater above the inside of the oven and a high-powered fan. After the high-temperature hot air is generated, it will circulate in the airtight fryer for heating. Because of the fryer's own unique texture, the hot air can flow evenly and quickly take away the water vapor generated by the food, thus forming a crispy surface, and the food does not need a surface. Brush oil, can also achieve fried taste. The oven uses a heating tube to heat in a closed space, and generates high temperature to bake food through heat conduction. The surface should be brushed with oil to prevent the food from being scorched.

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It is worth mentioning that although the oven is divided into upper and lower layers, since most of the ovens have a hot air function, the uniformity of the baked food can be guaranteed. Since the air fryer is located at the top of the heating method, it is easy to burn the food close to the top, or the skin is burnt and the inside is undercooked.

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However, the production time of the oven is very long, and it takes a period of time to preheat before placing the food, and the air fryer basically only needs about 10 to 30 minutes of production time. It can be said that when the oven is preheated, the air fryer is used. The people of the pot have already eaten the food.

In addition, because the capacity is too small, such as lamb chops, fish, cakes, bread, etc., the air fryer is useless. The oven does not have these problems, whether it is a whole fan of lamb chops or roast duck, or baked puffs, snow maidens, etc., all can be made. It belongs to the air fryer, it can dry it, and the oven can still do it that the air fryer can't. If you are a novice in the kitchen with three minutes of heat, you can use the air fryer to try it first. The degree of professionalism depends on the serious oven.

3. Cleaning Difficulty :Air Fryer>Oven

One of the most annoying things about eating at home is the need to take care of the aftermath. Compared with tableware, kitchen utensils are generally more difficult to clean. If it is someone who has a dishwasher at home, the tableware can be handed over, but the kitchen utensils still have to be cleaned by themselves, so an easy-to-clean kitchen utensils will be more favored by consumers. Because the air fryer uses less oil and is mostly made of stainless steel with integrated drawers, the fryer and the fryer basket can be separated, so it is very convenient to clean, and there is basically no residue.

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The oven needs to use a baking pan, which needs to be brushed with oil every time it is baked. There are many grooves in the baking pan, and oil stains can easily drip into the interior of the box or into the grooves. After long-term use, after many high-temperature heating, the stains are easy to agglomerate, which makes cleaning difficult.

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All in all, both air fryers and ovens have their own pros and cons. If you are a friend who is looking for the perfect baked goods, then the oven is the best choice; if you are only looking for low-fat and easy to make, then the air fryer is a better choice.

Post time: May-08-2022